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Monday, November 21, 2005

Home Fragrance for the Connoisseur

No Glade Plug-Ins for you, my friend! There are just too many gorgeous, divinely-scented candles out there for you to skimp and go for a one-note drugstore brand. Sometimes I wish I had more rooms in my house so I could scent each one differently! Some (this is by no means a comprehensive list) of my favorites:

Tocca Candle Collection: These burn for 60 hours and are elegantly packaged in clear glass candleholders and blue boxes. The Candela di Viaggio set, with 4 mini candles, even comes with Tocca matches. The girl who burns Tocca candles cannot light them with free matches from the 7-Eleven, no no. My favorites are Havana (sugarcane and rum), Grace (Casablanca Lily), and Cleopatra (grapefruit and cucumber). There are some new ones for holiday, too - Cortina (limited edition in a gold box; Elemi wood and spices), Montecristo (wild daisy), Portofino (Wintersweet - white floral), and Shanghai (Peony).

Diptyque: The labels alone are unmistakable, nevermind the scents. Baies is a gorgeous blend of rose and black currant; buy it in the black glass candleholder for a more intense scent and a sleek, elegant look. Pomander (limited edition) is just delicious for the holidays; a blend of orange peel, cinnamon and cloves in a golden glass holder.

Laura Mercier: If you've never sampled any of Laura's Creme Brulee bath and body products, believe me, you must run, not walk, to your nearest Neiman! Now you can have Creme Brulee along with three other dessert menu favorites. The Holiday Patisserie Travel Candle Set comes with a petite lizard-embossed case and four candles, in Creme Brulee, Sugar Cookie, Orange Chocolat and Cinnamon Spice.

Next time: L'Occitane and Jo Malone.