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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Instant Gratification

Benefit Jiffy TanLast night I had a wedding to attend, and the dress I had picked out for the occasion would reveal my pale, pasty, unglamorous arms and legs. While I do love my porcelain skin, sometimes it's a little too...well...glow in the dark. Nicole Kidman has a beautiful look. Casper does not. So, I made a plan to spend the wee hours after Thanksgiving dinner slathering myself in the miraculous brown goo that is St. Tropez self tanner, and then wake up tan the next day. However, the soporific effects of turkey and wine (and bad traffic on the way home) left me unconscious on the bed with no tan to be had.

Come morning it was too late to tan...self-tanners take ages to develop on me. So I ventured out to Sephora to see if any emergency fixes were available. Body makeup. Yikes. The first one I tried was Scott Barnes Body Bling, which I immediately had to scrub off my hand. It looked like the color of a beautifully roasted Thanksgiving turkey (with glitter). Way too orange for pale people like me. Hey, I wanted to look healthy, not like George Hamilton.

Next up was Nars Body Glow. I had been eyeing this for a while, but the tropical scent was just inappropriate for a November wedding. And it was too shiny.

Then I discovered Benefit Wonderbod Jiffy Tan, which promised to go on evenly, stay on, and make me look tanner and thinner. OK! I tried it on my hand and decided this was the way to go. I slathered a thin coat of Jiffy Tan on my arms and legs, let it dry, and wow, I looked like a normal person! Not orange or streaky, just healthy and glowing with a tiny bit of glimmer. I was indeed the owner of a Wonderbod. This is a must for any winter occasion that requires the exposure of less-than-stellar limbs.

Note: Applying Jiffy Tan WILL turn your palms orange, but don't panic! A little scrubbing with St. Tropez Self-Tan Remover and you're good as new.