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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Out With the Old

I've been spending a lot of time these days gradually moving out of the penthouse apartment in the city that will remain nameless, and back to New York full-time (I had been splitting my time between the two cities for work reasons). The process has not been going well...over the past year I've amassed the trappings of two lives, one in each city, and integrating them back into one has not been an easy task.

Yesterday I went about re-organizing all of my makeup. This was a Herculean effort, even worse than the Putting Away of the Shoes, which was agonizing. There was makeup in the penthouse apartment, makeup in my travel bags, makeup in my car, and makeup at home, and I was determined to consolidate and jam it all back into its little trunk.

Many old friends bit the dust yesterday - ancient lip glosses that were beginning to smell like paint, concealers that were too pink or too yellow, brown lipliners that I probably should have sent to Gretchen Wilson, even my first, worn-down tube of Revlon Coffee Bean (oh, the nostalgia!). I also rediscovered some forgotten favorites: Nars Foul Play lip gloss (I know Annieytown from Blogdorf Goodman likes this too), an old Stila eyeshadow trio (Apres Ski), and Chanel Glossimer in Blizzard. I wore the Nars lip gloss today. It felt like I had gone shopping in my own home!

Definitely living a more Zenlike existence now that this is done. I highly recommend it.