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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Silly Celebrity Makeup of the Week

Paris Hilton and her disembodied head Come on, how long did you think I could wait before selecting Paris for Silly Celebrity Makeup of the Week? Here she is on Halloween, dressed as a grown-up, slutty Pebbles Flintstone, with her sister Nicky the Sexy Cop. Nevermind the underboob peeking out of her costume, let's take a look at the grotesque contrast between her body and her face. Paris, next time you decide to slather yourself with self-tanner, please either include your face in the deal, or pick out a foundation or bronzer that matches your tanned bod. Her face looks chalky and strange, as if her head were superimposed onto the body. Or maybe she is supposed to be a dead, ghoulish cavewoman? Oh, I get it now. That Paris sure is clever!

Photo: Edwin Rilloraza/JFXImages