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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Split Personality

Ever see something so odd that you just have to try it? When I saw Smashbox Fusion Lip Illusion, I knew immediately that it was just begging for a test run. Fusion Lip Illusion is a double ended-gloss, but not just any double-ended gloss. Here's the difference: one end is white, and the other is black.

Black and white lip gloss? Sounds like something for Halloween, but in reality it's quite an innovative product that I was surprised to find myself reaching for regularly. It's designed to lighten or deepen the hue of existing lipsticks or gloss. The white end is sheer and shimmery with a vanilla frosting scent, and lightens up dark or matte shades. The black end is a sheer, berry-scented gloss that gives your current shade a deeper, berry-stained effect.

My favorite trick with this product is to fill my lips in with liner, and then coat with the white gloss. It adds shimmer and shine to the color of the liner, making my lips look fuller. And, the liner tends to have better staying power than most lipsticks, so all I have to do is reapply the top layer of gloss occasionally.

Fusion Lip Illusion is a fun little tool that essentially turns one shade of lipstick into three. For $22 it'll turn your lipstick stash into a versatile palette that can work with any look. And of course, the vanilla scent of the white end is just plain dee-lish.