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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gypsy Rose

Becca Shimmer Powder...this shade is a bit lighter than GypsyAs I reported earlier, Saturday's Sniffapalooza ended with a frenzied trip to Sephora during which my willpower shattered to pieces and I finally started buying things. One of the purchases was Becca Pressed Shimmer Powder in Gypsy. Chattykathy recommended the loose powder version, but I have a hard time with loose powders...they always end up all over me, my makeup bag, or my car (hey, I only put on makeup at red lights, ok? I know you do it too...don't lie). Patti and I both snapped up the pressed powder version.

Since discovering the Becca Bronze Berry Holiday set, I have become enraptured by this brand. The textures and colors are just gorgeous. Too bad the packaging looks like manhole covers! Seriously!

It's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with youPackaging aside, Gypsy is a beautiful rosy pink with gold shimmer that's subtle and glowy, not glittery. Becca is wise indeed, and uses pulverized mica to create this glowy effect. This is far superior to the noticeable bits of glitter you see in some other products.

As a blush, Gypsy imparts a rosy flush, and owing to the gold flecks, noticeably warms up your skin. While it's too dark for me to wear it as an all-over shimmer, it would look gorgeous on someone with a bit darker skin.

This beautiful pink shimmer reminds me of ice skating or sleigh riding on a sunny winter day - it's natural and healthy-looking and sparkling, like Carrie in this scene from SATC (one of my favorites). So in case you're meeting up with your dashing Russian lover in Central Park - or hoping to snag one - you know what to reach for.