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Friday, December 09, 2005

I Don't Want to Start Any Blasphemous Rumours

Just wanted to report that Beauty Addict is featured on BlogInSpace.com today as "Most Likely to Be Contacted" by aliens. I guess extraterrestrials like lip gloss as much as we do.

Depeche Mode: still hot after all these yearsIn other news, I went to the Depeche Mode concert last night at Madison Square Garden (hence the post title). My jet setter friend had tickets for her company's luxury box, so we got to enjoy the show in style. The Garden was sold out and DM were phenomenal. They did all the old favorites - Enjoy The Silence, Policy of Truth, Just Can't Get Enough, A Question of Lust, Personal Jesus - and some newer tracks. The band sounded and looked amazing - they are holding up a heck of a lot better than some of our other 80's favorites.

It was very refreshing to see a band whose lead singer does not wear eyeliner (see yesterday's post). There. Just wanted to keep the post on-topic, ok?