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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Strange Invisible Galliano

I visited Barneys NY yesterday to pick up a bottle of Route du The for my mother. I had received a sample at the Sniffapalooza, and passed it along to her since she loves tea scents. Route du The smells phenomenal on her, so it was time to snap up a full bottle.

I had also decided that the time had come to give in to temptation and add a Serge Lutens to my collection. I was intending to decide between Datura Noir and Daim Blond. But then, as I descended the steps to the beauty level, something happened.

I spotted HIM.

John Galliano himself!The very same fragrance salesman from the Sniffapalooza, the one who showed us the Strange Invisible Perfumes with such grandeur. What makes this little man so noteworthy is that he is a ringer for John Galliano and has a very quirky accent ("Ladiessss, I joost pass the scent underrr yourr nose. Pass eet under your nose."). I saw him yesterday and gasped, unsure if I could get to the counter and make my purchases without giggling.

I quickly walked over and spritzed one hand with Datura Noir and the other with Daim Blond, then ran away to the handbag department, to sniff and decide which one was for me.

In the interim I whipped out my Sidekick to email Annieytown, who was the first person to point out the man's eerie Galliano-ness. She urged me to take a pic with my camera phone but I just had no courage. After 15 minutes I could heardly bear to go back to the counter to face Strange Invisible Galliano, again for fear of laughing like a ninny. It was then that my willpower broke down entirely and I came home with BOTH Serge Lutens fragrances, as well as the Route du The.

I will review them this week. If I am in love with both of them, I have Strange Invisible Galliano to thank.