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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Burnt Out!

I'm in Germany, y'all! I arrived in Frankfurt on Sunday morning and will be here until tomorrow afternoon. I am here for work and the weather is hideous, so I haven't been doing any vacation-y things, but I have stories to share nonetheless:

Sunday afternoon before dinner I decided to fiddle with my hair a little bit. I took out all my adapters, voltage converters etc, and hooked them up to my beloved T3 Tourmaline straightening iron.

Now, I am no stranger to the way voltage converters work. I am sure that I did everything right. However, as soon as I plugged the thing into the wall - without even turning it ON! - a loud *POP* sounded in the room...and all the lights went out.

I had to call engineering to have the circuit breaker reset. And now the T3 is officially dead. Naturally I was quite annoyed about this...not only did the iron cost me $160, now I would be stuck with unruly hair for the entirety of my business trip. So I visited the Sephora website and discovered this little statement, which was NOT there when I purchased my T3:

"*This T3 product is designed for use in North America. Use of this product outside North America may cause irreparable damage to the product, unless a region appropriate voltage transformer and plug adaptor are used."

I DID use a region appropriate voltage transformer and plug adaptor, so for the life of me I cannot figure out why this happened.

Thoughts on what to do with the dead T3? Bring it back to Sephora and complain? Just suck it up and buy a new one?