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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Eastern Bloc Beauty

Eva Herzigova, Carmen Kass, Karolina Kurkova, Natalia Vodianova, Magdalena Wrobel - it seems like every supermodel hails from Eastern Europe these days! Now you can get a little closer to continental comeliness with Ziaja, Poland's leading skincare brand, newly available for sale in the US. With over 30 million units sold in 2004, it's clear that Ziaja is behind some of those creamy complexions that we envy.

Although I need at least 6 inches in height and better cheekbones to ever gain supermodel status, I've been enjoying playing with supermodel-worthy skincare. Some of my favorites from the line:

Aretinol Q Anti-Aging Eye Cream. So my skin's not exactly "mature" yet, but prevention is better than a cure, right? This eye cream is lightweight but quite effective. My undereye area was tighter and my dark circles were noticeably diminished within a couple of weeks of use.

Aretinol Q Hand & Nail Cream. This is the shining star of the Ziaja line, so much so that it is about to displace L'Occitane as my staple handcream in my purse. Really. It's that good. Everyone who's tried this is in love. It absorbs easily, isn't sticky at all, smooths cuticles, and nourishes the driest of skin.

PhytoAktiv Smoothing Body Balm. I am hoarding this in anticipation of summer. It's very light and moisturizes well, but the best part is that it's intended to diminish the appearance of dilated capillaries; always a good thing for those of us with pale skin that shows every vein and capillary.

PhytoAktiv Smoothing Makeup Cleansing Milk. Cleanses skin and removes makeup without that awful, tight feeling afterward. It's difficult to find a cleanser that does the job and still keeps skin feeling supple and soft, especially in the harsh, dry winter - this one's a keeper.

The entire Ziaja line (Aretinol Q, PhytoAktiv, Goat's Milk, and Lipocell) is available online at ziajaskincare.com.