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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Beauty Addict, Back on the Road

In just a week I will be heading to Germany again, this time to Munich, and I will be staying a bit longer than the 3 days I spent there last time around.

As many of you know, I had a little problem when I was in Germany last; specifically, my beloved T3 flat iron died and took all the electricity in my hotel room with it. (Click here for the story.) Sephora ended up exchanging it for me when I returned to the US, but it was still quite the annoyance.

Determined to avoid this problem this time around, I just placed an order for the European model of the Sedu Ionic Ceramic Straightener. I'm in Europe frequently enough to justify the cost, and I will not risk breaking another appliance just for the sake of frugality, no way. Plus the fact that I will be in Germany for work and would look ridiculous with crazy-person hair.

I fly out April 1. Look forward to a Beauty on the Road post from Munich, and some spotlights on beauties who hail from Germany (Marlene Dietrich, and the ubiquitous Ms. H. Klum, come to mind).