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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Many Faces of Sharon Stone

Could it be? Is this the same Sharon Stone who, just a week ago, looked like she was going to suck the blood of the photographer taking her picture?

Here she is at the New York premiere of Basic Instinct 2, looking quite lovely, I must say. (Although I hear the film is crap.)

But wait a minute. Something's fishy about these pictures. Notice that in all three of them, her mouth changes, but her eyes do not. Eyes are supposed to scrunch up a bit when one smiles. It's normal. I am sad to even suggest that what we have here is a sign of too much of the injectable beginning with the letter B. Come on, Sharon, you're a member of Mensa, for pete's sake. Do you really think the paralyzed Nicole Kidman forehead is a good thing?

There has got to be a happy medium between scary, menacing facial expressions and no facial expressions at all, no? Perhaps Sharon needs "smiling lessons" (a term coined by my smart friend Theresa in another context entirely), rather than all this junk in her face.

photos via gettyimages