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Monday, March 06, 2006

Silly Celebrity Makeup at the Oscars

So! Hollywood's big night has come and gone. There were some great looks out there on the red carpet, which I'll show you later, but let's start off with the silly:

Giovanna Mezzogiorno. I do not even know who she is (update: she is an Italian actress, but I suppose I could have figured that out on the basis of her name alone), but I suppose that she would be quite beautiful with a better makeup application. This makes her look like a mime, or a very sad clown. The dark shadow on the lower lids is just weird. Looks like her makeup artist took a little too much inspiration from the "no concealer" look from the Fall '06 runways.

Diana Ossana. Not sure what was scarier - Diana's makeup or her facial expressions. When she was up there accepting the award for Best Adapted Screenplay she looked and acted like a stoned hippie in 1969. Moving on...the eyeshadow was way too sparkly and the eyebrows need help. Anyone who can stand next to Larry McMurtry and make Larry look good by comparison has a problem.

Sandra Bullock. Ooooops. On the red carpet her blush was smeary and uneven. It looked horrible. However, it appears that a wise makeup artist gave her a touchup, because when she appeared onstage during the show, she looked great. Loved the pockets in her dress, too!

Gayle King. Let's start off with the obvious question: Why is this woman at the Academy Awards? Is this not Oprah's best friend? Apparently that is a free ticket to the high life. I need to make friends with Oprah. Or maybe Richard Branson. He seems like more fun. But I digress. Gayle's hair and makeup are abominable. Her lipstick is orange. And the hair...there are no words. I think I had this hairdo freshman year of high school. It does not belong on the red carpet! Especially those bangs!