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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Well Heeled Nominee

Here we have the foot of Kathleen York, Oscar nominee for Best Song ("In The Deep," from Crash). The shoes set my heart a-flutter. Custom made by Stuart Weitzman and adorned with jewels from Rita Hayworth's estate, they are valued at a whopping US $3 million.

How glamorous!

Although, I think I would be slightly fearful that I might scuff them, so if I were Kathleen, I would have been carried across the red carpet on a litter. Yes! A mode of transportation befitting these regal shoes.

I've seen more than a few comments on Kathleen's feet - particularly what people see as her nonexistent pedicure. I happen to think her pedicure is good - the barely there polish was the right choice. A dark or bright color would have taken away from the beauty of those shoes.

However, Kathleen York being one of the pale folk, as I am, you can see every vein and red spot on her arches and ankles. I swear by Benefit Wonderbod Jiffy Tan for problems like this. It's sheer enough so that it doesn't feel like body makeup, but it smooths over little imperfections in translucent skin. And it won't rub off on your clothes.

Or shoes, for that matter.