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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Get The Red Out

Reader Avanti had the following question about a post I wrote back in September, where I recommended Visine as a quick-fix for the occasional pimple or other red monster:

"I don't think the visine will work because why [wouldn't] most dermatologists just say use the visine if thats all it takes?"

Avanti, you do have a point. Visine definitely isn't all it takes. It won't make a pimple go away faster or kill the bacteria that caused it in the first place. It does, however, have the temporary effect of shrinking the little blood vessels that make the area red, making the pimple far less visible and banishing some of the inflammation. This is the same way it works on bloodshot eyes.

It does wear off after a while, but if you're being photographed or attending an event, it's an excellent quick fix.

(See Dr. Audrey Kunin's Dermadoctor page if you want more info. She mentions the Visine in the "Quick Fix" section, and also mentions one of my all-time favorite blemish treatments, Peter Thomas Roth BPO Gel 10% and Sulfur.)