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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Vogue April: Rachel Green and Rachel Zoe

I am only going to address 2 things in my review of this month's Vogue: Rachel and Rachel.

Rachel #1 is Jennifer Aniston, she of Rachel-from-Friends fame. Who cares about the interview; we already know by now that she's not a victim, she does want babies, yadda yadda yadda. As for the pictures...I think these are some of the worst pictures that Mario Testino has ever taken, and I usually love his work. Aniston's expressions look forced, and the styling reminds me of that old Janet Jackson video where she and that buff guy are running around on the beach in all those flowing outfits (was it "Love Will Never Do?"). The gymnastics equipment is ridiculous, as is the hair. Chris McMillan, what happened?

Rachel #2 is the now omnipresent Rachel Zoe (Rosenzweig), better known as the force behind the Nicole Richie/Lindsay Lohan neo-boho look. I will not deny that this woman has talent; she single-handedly resurrected late '70s Halston-super-skinny-post-Studio-54-waif chic, and turned it into the biggest trend of 2004-2005. But now that trend needs to go. It's time, Rachel. Create something new! But no, instead you take the gorgeous Marina Rust and turn her into one of your fembots. And the fact that the article makes more mention of Zoe's BlackBerry lingo than anything else, is grating and annoying. Marina Rust, I know you're a better journalist than that.

One more thing...if I have to endure another word from Andre Leon Talley about his own weight loss, I am going to have a case of Junior's Cheesecakes delivered to his house.