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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Extra! Extra! A Bit of News...

  • Sniffapalooza is coming this weekend! A semiannual, invitation-only NYC event - on its way to legendary status - Sniffapalooza is the ultimate opportunity to test, sniff, buy, and talk up everything fragrance! This one is a 2-day Sniffapalooza, and I've just found out that I can fly back a day early from Germany (Friday), so I'll be able to be there both days. This event is not for sissies. You must have an open nose, a good night's sleep, proper walking shoes, and willpower (to keep you from buying every single item on the Barney's beauty level). A mind- (and nose-) boggling blast. See my past write-up here.

  • I have something very, very new and exciting to share. Drop everything and head straight for Frugal Fashionista. This brand-new blog has a great premise: start with a great celebrity look and Sally, the proprietress of this lovely new institution, will show you how to get the same look on the cheap. From what I can see so far, Sally's picks have the "The Look for Less" and the "Star Style" sections in the tabloids beat by a mile. Her choices are inexpensive but still chic. I want the entire Jessica Alba look that she's featured!

  • In somewhat more mundane news, I've finally had a chance to answer lots of the comments on the blog, so if you posted a question or comment and it wasn't answered, go take a look.