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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Begone, Frizz!

As many of you know, after the flatiron saga that marred my last trip to Germany, I decided to purchase a European-model flat iron for this week's trip (note that this was not a frivolous purchase; I travel frequently enough to warrant the second iron). Just before my trip, the Sedu Ionic Ceramic Straightener arrived at my door, and I promptly packed it in my bag. even included a heat resistant pouch/mat with my order.

The Sedu is more lightweight than my current favorite, the T3, and the plates do seem smoother. Heat-up time is about the same. I tested it out for the first time on Sunday, and while the straightening seems to take a bit longer than with the T3, the results are worth it. My hair stayed incredibly straight and frizz-free, even after being caught in two rainstorms in the same day with no brush or styling products handy.

Additionally, with the T3 I've found that my hair occasionally gets caught in the space where the plate attaches to the handpiece, but no such trouble with the Sedu.

While I won't be tossing my T3 for the US version of the Sedu just yet, it is an excellent iron and is serving me well overseas!