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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Freshen Up

Let's face it: the bathroom is - ahem - not always the freshest room in the house. And as for the kitchen goes, while onions and garlic are great in your food, they're not exactly the most pleasant "home fragrances." Combat dirty hands and unsavory air in both rooms with the best example of multitasking since Microsoft Windows - Fresh Scents Antibacterial Liquid Soap.

This pump dispenser of fragrant hand soap houses a special feature - a cache of fragrance beads at the base of the bottle, in their own vented little compartment. Just let them do their work and refresh the room, or shake up the dispenser for a little extra zing. Fresh Scents comes in 5 varieties - Cotton Blossom, Fresh Plum Mango, Tangerine Twist, Honeysuckle, and Cucumber Melon - all fresh and yummy-smelling, but subtle. I've tried the Honeysuckle and Fresh Plum Mango and loved them both!

This is an excellent little invention, and at only $2.99, it delivers a very big return on a very small investment!