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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kiss My Lash!

During last week's impulse-buy extravaganza at Sephora, I finally picked up a tube of the much-talked-about Kiss Me mascara by Blinc. After hearing all the claims that the stuff just won't quit, even through sleeping, I decided the best testing ground would be my trip from New York to Munich.

The main difference between Kiss Me and other mascaras is that Kiss Me dries into little tubes around each individual lash, while traditional mascaras are essentially oil-based paints that tend to smudge or migrate when in contact with moisture or friction. Its consistency in the tube is considerably more liquid than the typical mascara, making it a bit tricky to apply; if you're not careful, you'll get dots of it all over your lids, and unless you're going for the weepy look, this is not a good thing.

Kiss Me coated my lashes evenly, but even with several swipes of the wand, didn't achieve the volume that I normally expect from my mascara. Also, too many coats produced the spidery effect of lashes that get stuck together. After a couple of tries I realized that a light hand and speedy application were key to success.

I also applied Kiss Me to my bottom lashes, something I never do with my regular mascara, as it always seems to slide off during the day. The staying power of Kiss Me combined with its more subtle effect (i.e., less volume) make it perfect for defining the lower lashes without looking like Tammy Faye.

Kiss Me stayed perfectly in place through the entire journey, which included two flight segments, a connection in Amsterdam, two naps, and a bit of boozing.

Although I wouldn't use this on a daily basis because I do prefer more volume, it is the perfect mascara for long trips, days at the beach, or sports - its staying power really is that impressive. And for the lower lashes, I'd use it every day.

I must admit, though - the removal process is quite strange. As many of you have pointed outm Kiss Me slides off the lashes like little black spider legs - very unusual to see them swirling around in the sink!