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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Silly Celebrity Makeup of the Week

So, Rachel Zoe takes much of inspiration from the look of "hard-partying 1970s rock stars and Studio 54 regulars."

Well, it looks like she's finally achieved the totality of her dream, complete with the sun-damaged skin and premature wrinkles that plagued the hard-partyers, the clubbers and the sun-worshippers of the '70s. Bianca Jagger? OK. Mick Jagger? Maybe not a look a young woman wants to aspire to.

Not to mention that her eyeliner here makes her look unfortunately like Harriet Miers.

Rachel is a mere 33 years old, but has the facial creases and leathery looking skin of someone much older. GET THEE TO A DERMATOLOGIST, WOMAN!

PS - Rachel Zoe
PPS - Rachel Zoe II