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Monday, May 08, 2006


Another one for the Poor Choice of Name file:

La Barfumeria heads for NYC
Spanish niche perfumery La Barfumeria hopes to open a branch in New York City, US by the end of the year, its founder Giselle Richardson, who is herself American, has revealed. The store, opened in 2003 in the basement of fashion store La Rosa Que No Muere in Madrid, is intended to be a meeting place for amateurs of fragrance. The store has Spanish exclusivity for the Escentric Molecules brand and the Fracas de Robert Piguet fragrance. It also offers scents from some 20 other niche brands.


What were they thinking? Sounds like a great little shop, but can you imagine calling a friend and saying "Meet me at La Barfumeria?" They'd probably think you were using some new code for the bathroom.

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