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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What's In A Name?

Here's one for the Questionable Ideas file. Friends, I present to you one of the worst named fragrance collections that I have ever seen:

Arrogance Mix? Imagine someone asking you what you're wearing, and being forced to smile back and say, "Oh, it's Arrogance Mix." I spotted these at Sephora and kept walking by the display, thinking that I was misreading the packaging.

I figured this had to be a European company, and that something must have gotten seriously lost in translation when these products were named. I soon discovered that "Arrogance Mix" is a spinoff line from the original "Arrogance Man" and "Arrogance Pour Femme," from an Italian company called Schiapparelli Pikenz. (Oddly enough, the same company does the fragrances for Blumarine, with far better names and concepts.)

"Arrogance Man" sounds like a great pseudonym for a particularly odious ex-boyfriend, doesn't it? I think we've all had at least one "Arrogance Man" in our lives, and personally, I could do without a cologne that plays to that particular personality trait (or flaw).

Maybe they were going for something like Attitude or Confidence, but the Italian-English dictionary just came back with "Arrogance?"

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