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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Creating the Perfect Pale Gold Eye

I love the look of a pale gold eye, especially in the hot summer which is soon to be upon us. Whether as a wash over your whole lid, or a little dab on browbones and inner corners, there's just something about gold shadow that turns you into an instant goddess. The hard part is finding one that does the trick - sheer, pale, not too orange, not too yellow, not a "dirty-looking" gold, just shimmery enough to create that glowy look.

In recent memory I've been fiercely loyal to Stila Shadow Pots in Gold, a pale gold cream that was sheer and summery and never, ever creased. but alas, that was a limited edition shade, and when I finally saw the bottom of the pot, my heart sunk a little. Since then I've been on the hunt for the perfect gold shadow, and as a result, several of the "losers" are now languishing in the bottom of my train case.

This morning I realized that the search was least for now. MAC Pigment in Gold Dusk is The One - the worthy successor to the Shadow Pot, maybe even better. I looked at it and I just knew. Light Yellow Gold. Yes.

Here's the catch: like the Stila, this too is a limited edition, as part of the new MAC Sundressing collection. Get it while it's hot! I will definitely be stocking up.