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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

GlowFusion: Is It Worth It?

Well well well.

What have we here?

Another product from the always-innovative, possibly-gimmicky, consistently well-marketed Fusion Beauty, who brought us LipFusion and LiftFusion, both discussed feverishly here at Beauty Addict.

GlowFusion is the newest addition to the line, and this one, like its predecessors, has piqued my interest...but I already have doubts.

According to the company, GlowFusion is "a revolutionary new self-tanning technology that delivers your perfect shade of sun-kissed glow. The first ever clear, all natural, fast drying, odor-free, self-tanning mist. No odor. No streaking. No staining. No kidding."

GlowFusion purports to deliver the perfect tan via the use of a natural, sugarcane-derived formula. Upon scanning the ingredient list, however, I discovered the "secret sauce" of every self-tanner on the market: dihydroxyacetone, or DHA. I suppose the "sugarcane-derived" claim comes from the fact that DHA itself is a 3-carbon sugar. But from what I understand, it's the DHA reacting with your skin that produces the signature funky scent of self tanners. So it seems inevitable that GlowFusion would be immune to this.

Additionally, the product claims to last up to 2 weeks, but anyone who has ever used a self tanner will know that it only lasts as long as the top layer of your skin - which is about 5-7 days, even if you moisturize regularly.

Hence, I am a bit hesitant to believe that GlowFusion is indeed any different from the rest of the tanners on the market. It uses the same active ingredient, but disguises it in snazzy marketing lingo! And unless the Fusion people have found a way to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, I cannot fathom how a Fusion tan would last longer than others.

The glass is half empty today, people. I am dubious about this one. At $58 for 5 oz., it had better turn me into a sweet-smelling bronze goddess. For a full two weeks.

Maybe I will buy it.

But only if I'm needing some serious retail therapy and there happens to be a Sephora nearby.

And only if I'm out of my trusty St. Tropez. We shall see.