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Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Updates!

Two updates on a couple of recent topics:

  • For all the talk of Paris Hilton unveiling a new fragrance last Friday - which would be the third women's fragrance in her line - it turns out that she was just touring around promoting her second scent, Just Me. There is no third scent on the horizon. And now, women of the world breathe a collective sigh of relief.

  • With all the buzz it's been generating, I had to visit Sephora to test out the new GlowFusion self-tanner. It's a clear, thin liquid that you spray on and rub in. I barely noticed any self-tanner smell for the first few hours, but then again, I didn't notice any tan, either. I didn't even wipe the product off the palm of my hand, which I used for blending, and hours later there wasn't even a trace of tan on my hand. My theory is that you'd have to use quite a bit of this to get results, making the $58 price tag even less appealing, and with increased volume of product comes higher levels of the active ingredient, DHA - thus, it's likely that the product WILL take on that self-tanner smell despite its claims. This is a no-buy for me. Has anyone else tried it?

More updates to come! My apologies for the lack of posts these days - but I promise lots of new content this week!