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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Runway Beauty: Dior Fall '06 Couture, Part 3

Dior Look #3: Geisha Joan Crawford Under the Sea. Check out the various forms of marine life (and that hand) resting atop the models' heads. What else do we have here? Overdramatic brows, drawn-on moles, pale, matte skin, doll-like lashes, and walls of gold eyeshadow. All on my favorite model-of-the-moment, Lily Donaldson (left).

This look embodies everything I love about couture: it's overblown, artsy, dramatic, beautiful, and there's just so much to look at - even if you wouldn't wear all of it at once (or any of it, for that matter).

Now let's get down to business. Trends. Brows are definitely the thing at the Dior show. Looks like skinny, anorexic brows are on their way out. Give your tweezers a break, NOW! (Or just cheat and pick up one of those nifty little brow kits, like the one from Tarte.)

As for the gold shadow, you can capture a more tame version of this look with NARS Single Eye Shadow in Goldfinger or Vincent Longo Wet Diamond Eye Shadow in Genie Pop (this one is more bronze and will look great with darker complexions).

And there it is again, friends...the berry lip. I cannot say it enough, this is the must-have for fall.