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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Runway Beauty: Dior Fall '06 Couture, Part 4

Dior Look #4.

Left and center: Elizabeth I in space. And dead. Pale, matte skin, and tall hair, with what appear to be wire whisks in there somewhere.

Right: The Little Dead Mermaid Girl. Daughter of Elizabeth I in Space. Shimmery skin and more marine life in the hair.

In all three shots: Abbreviated eyebrows (quite a departure from the other looks from the show), a sickly pallor, that corpse-like taupe shadow, absent lips, and whited-out eyelashes.

Sigh. This does not excite me all that much; we saw too much of the dead girl look at the Fall Fashion Week shows. It was ugly then and it is ugly now. Let it go.

Although, I love the crab on the head. The crab hat is like a Judith Lieber minaudiere for the bizarro-couture set. The aging Upper East Side socialites have their tiny, Yorkie-shaped, crystal-encrusted purses, and the fashion fiends have gilded crustaceans for hats. Yes.