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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake! Or Bathe in it, At Least

Ever notice that so many "foody" bath products smell vaguely of plastic and chocolate, like that play food you had as a kid? (In particular, I remember a set of scented faux cakes and cake mixes from Duncan Hines that were a favorite of mine.)

In any case, they never seem to live up to the scrumptious descriptions on the package; and many times, they're marketed to the glitter-loving tween set. Come on, do you really want to smell like you dunked yourself in Lip Smacker?

But sometimes, on those grey days - or really, those PMS days - there's no better pick me up than a good long bath or shower scented with something sweet, comforting and delicious. So what happens when you start looking for something that doesn't smell like a toy or make you feel like a tarted-up preteen?

Meet Cake Beauty.

Cake's products smell amazing without sacrificing performance, or making your shower look like Mardi Gras. The Desserted Island scent - vanilla icing and coconut cream - is Cake's bestseller; it's mouthwatering and "foody" without being sickeningly sweet, and I can't get enough. Best of all, Cake recognizes that you are a big girl now and thus doesn't load up its products with glitter or the like.

Desserted Island is just one of Cake's heavenly scented ranges, and includes:

Sadly, as noted on the Body Mousse package, "blender drinks and pool boy not included." Wouldn't that make a great gift set, though?