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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Get Fabulous at The Body Shop

When I was at The Body Shop last weekend, sniffing the new Neroli Jasmin and carrying out armloads of Vanilla Spice body butter, I happened to wander over to the makeup section.

Huh? Am I in the same store?

The Body Shop has completely revamped its makeup range, improving on old favorites (like Lip Scuff, oh how I love that stuff), adding new products, and prettying everything up in sleek silver packaging.

The new "Make Me Fabulous" collection really is fabulous.

Of course I had to try out some of these goodies, so look for details and reviews over the next couple of weeks. Highlights so far? There are some green - yes, green! - eye shadows in this collection that are quite tempting, along with a gel-to-powder blush with great texture and staying power. Stay tuned!