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Friday, October 20, 2006

Keep Your Lips (and Your Wallet) Plump

We've talked about LipFusion on this blog several times before, and I'm of the opinion that it's quite effective but unfortunately overpriced (especially the $50 LipFusion XL...ouch). The stuff never goes on sale and it runs out far too quickly.

So when I saw this I just had to share it:

"Plump your pucker for the holidays by treating your lips before bed with LipFusion XL for a beautifully smooth, full-out, party-ready pout. Then, for kissably soft lips throughout the day, use LipFusion's shimmering golden pink Color Shine in Kiss.

Set includes a full-sized LipFusion Lip Plump Color Shine in Kiss and a full-sized LipFusion XL."

This set is $50, so you're essentially paying for the XL and getting the Color Shine for free (it retails for $38). Color Shine in Kiss is a great everyday gloss and has the same plumping properties as original LipFusion.

So if you're a LipFusion fan, take advantage of this one...of course, it's limited edition, so don't wait!