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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stila Stocking Stuffers

I stopped by Sephora after work today to pick up some face cleanser, and things are changing, my friends. It's only mid-October, but the holiday palettes and sets are popping up left and right! Guess you should start making your list for the Santa in your life. Here, some new goodies from Stila:

Perfectly Kitten: Eyeshadow, IT Gloss, and Liquid Luminizer, all in Kitten (shimmery champagne pink), tucked into a brown faux suede bag. Of the three on this page, this one is by far my favorite. The Kitten gloss is gorgeous! $42.

Night Flower Deluxe Palette: Eyeshadows in Sunkissed (copper shimmer), Nectarine (peach shimmer), Venus (golden pink shimmer), and Mahogany (rich brown semi-matte), a cheek color in Quaint (peach), Lip Color in Melissa (rose shimmer), and Lip Glaze in Apricot (sheer peach), all in a blue and silver floral compact. $36.

The Gift of Glaze: Lip Glaze in Vanilla (sheer champagne shimmer), Brown Sugar (shimmering bronze), Apricot (sheer peach), Grapefruit (sheer pink), Starfruit (shimmering rose) and Raspberry (sheer fuchsia). Just keep in mind, these are the original (smaller) size Glazes, not the new fat tubes! $28.

There are 2 new 4-pan palettes, too, that aren't even listed on or Stila's website yet. (What's up with that, anyway? The Sephora near my office is usually the last one to get new product, but now they're carrying things before they're even on the website?) Anyhow, in the customary Stila style, both palettes house 3 eyeshadows and a coordinating blush. Look for the one called Glacier Ice - just gorgeous.