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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lustrous Lids

Brush-On Cream Liner in Chocolate Lustre is, you guessed it, yet another winner from the Clinique Pink Chocolates Holiday collection (and it's limited edition).

Housed in a little pot, the Chocolate Lustre liner is a bit creamier in texture than some of its counterparts from MAC and Bobbi Brown, so it's easily spreadable and a breeze to work with.
Initially, I was concerned that the creamy texture would keep the liner from "setting," but after testing it out I found it wasn't the case. It dried quickly and then stayed perfectly in place all day! (If your eyelids tend to get oily, you might want to use a primer underneath just for extra insurance...I always do.)
Brush-On Cream Liner can create a smooth, even line in any thickness you like, and because of its texture, it also makes a great base for a warm, autumn smokey eye - before it sets, you'll have a few seconds to smudge it. I like to blend it up toward the crease and then just accent my tear ducts and browbones with the palest shade from the Pink Chocolates Shimmering Tones powder - perfect!
The color is a deep chocolate with tiny, tiny flecks of gold shimmer. It is stunning.
More on the Pink Chocolates collection this week! (Can you tell it's my absolute favorite holiday collection this year?)
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