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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Secret Garden...Well Maybe Not a Secret, But Certainly Not Available by Phone

One my my favorite niche perfumeries, Le Labo, recently launched Tubereuse 40, a new scent and the first in a series of city-exclusive creations.

Developed in partnership with Alberto Morillas, Tubereuse 40 is "a non-heady Tubereuse shaped around citruses and musks that give it an unexpected unisex 'eau de cologne' identity despite its impressive 30% dosage of oil in alcohol."

Hmmm. A non-heady Tubereuse? When I think of Tubereuse I think of Fracas, Carnal Flower, even Michael Kors, and certainly none of those fall into the non-heady category. But I tried it, and I am a believer.

The opening of Tubereuse 40 reminds me quite a bit of the classic 4711 Cologne, created long ago in 1772. In fact, when comparing the notes, Tubereuse 40 contains several of the elements of 4711 - various citruses, rose, and sandalwood. Now I see the reference to a "unisex eau de cologne identity." Tubereuse 40 has the spirit of a classic cologne, but with far betting staying power and a more complex composition.

A few minutes into this fresh burst of citrus, Tubereuse 40 begins to take on the greenness of fresh-cut flower stems. Tuberose might be in there somewhere - maybe, maybe not. It's the smell of a dewy, wet garden early on a sunny summer morning. Tubereuse 40 doesn't smell like tuberose; it merely suggests tuberose, with its petals, stems, leaves, dew, and roots all in the mix. It's summery and fresh and just gorgeous.

The notes include benzoin, bergamote, neroli, petitgrain, citron, rosemary, cedar, orange blossom, rose, jasmine, mandarin, mimosa, oakmoss, sandalwood and musk.

So have I sold you yet?

Here's the kicker: you can only buy this fabulous little creation in New York, at the Le Labo shop on Elizabeth Street or at their counter at Barney's. No internet orders. No phone orders. It's the first in a series of city exclusive scents by Le Labo - others are in the works for Paris, LA, London, Tokyo and Dallas.

Now before you complain, allow me to remind you what an experience it is to shop at Le Labo on Elizabeth Street. The shop is like a science lab crossed with a soda fountain; you can sniff all the different raw materials housed in their glass apothecary jars, and then when you're ready to buy, your scent is compounded by hand and labeled with your name. Best of all, you'll get to spend some time with the charming and handsome proprietors, Fabrice and Eddie. This should be reason enough on its own - trust me!

$230 USD for a 50ml (1.7 oz) and 360 USD for a 100ml (3.4 oz), available at Le Labo, 233 Elizabeth St. NYC, and Barney's New York.