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Friday, December 22, 2006

Guilty Pleasure No More

A while back I posted about one of my most notorious guilty pleasures - the Deliciously Kissable Lip Gloss from the (thankfully) now-defunct Dessert Beauty line. I hated the fact that I was smothering my lips with this Jessica Simpson endorsed creation, but I loved the shine and the flavor of the glosses. In fact, I found them the only product in the line worth buying (remember the ill-fated crayon scrub?).

And I wasn't the only one who felt this way - I know Ellen from Lipstick, Powder 'N Paint had a not-so-secret fondness for the Dessert lip glosses as well. Fortunately, she scored them at the liquidation price of $5 (original retail was around $24!).

I was addicted to those glosses, but I had such disdain for the brand that I would peel off the "Dessert" label before even allowing the glosses to enter my makeup bag. Then I used them all up, and now they're gone forever.

Fortunately, I just discovered an alternative that tastes, smells, and looks just as good, but rises far above "guilty pleasure" status. One can use these with pride. They're pretty, shiny, tasty...and elegant.

They are the Enriched Lip Glazes by Old-Hollywood glam brand Besame Cosmetics. Available in 6 lovely shades, they're creamy but not goopy, and keep lips moisturized with squalene, a great ingredient that we've discussed before. Best of all, the sweet vanilla taste and scent makes them a delicious, grown-up alternative to those sticky sweet girly glosses.

Shimmer Peach is my current's a lovely peach shade with gold iridescence.

$23 at