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Friday, December 22, 2006

Precious Metals

I love it when a new product gets tons of buzz on all the beauty blogs. It's like a meeting of the minds.

The latest? Estee Lauder Brilliant Shimmer All-Over Powder, from the new Holiday Spirit collection. Blogdorf Goodman, The Makeup Bag, and eBeautyDaily are raving about it, and now I am, too.

This limited edition (of course) compact is filled with velvety shimmer powder in gorgeous shades of gold and platinum. It makes a perfect highlighter and adds a lovely glow to your face without making you look like a polished piece of brass.
This is a most excellent choice for holiday parties, as the shimmer is light and translucent - well-suited for photos.
I like a little of the gold on cheekbones and that little nook between your nose and upper lip (I am sure it has a name, does anybody know?), and the platinum on browbones and inner corners of the eyes. Just lovely!

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