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Monday, March 19, 2007

Beauty on the Road: Hilton Hairdryer Edition

Remember when I ranted about the subpar Wigo hair dryer in the Hilton Cologne? appears this problem is not really endemic to Europe, but, as I suspected, endemic to Hilton!

This week I am in the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, which is ever so graciously equipped with an itty-bitty, practically useless, weakling Sunbeam dryer attached to the wall.

I understand this hotel is undergoing renovations, but there's new bedding and such in my room, and no new hair dryer!

Am I that crazy to expect that most "nice," business class hotels would have upgraded the hair dryers by now? The "amenities revolution" started years ago. I stopped packing my own because most Marriott and Starwood brand hotels have upgraded theirs.

But Hilton...very sad. The only good thing is the set of La Source products on the sink.

Seriously. I would rather have a good hair dryer than new bolster pillows or a new bedspread. Everyone takes the bedspreads off know why... right?