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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Sharpie for Your Eyes

For anyone having trouble with mastering the fine art of liquid eyeliner, here is the solution:

Eye Definer Felt Tip Eye Marker from Physicians Formula. This is exactly what it says it is...a felt tip marker. It won't bend, shmush, or smear on your eyelid, and it certainly won't spill or leak. It's incredibly easy to apply; just pull your eyelid taut and go. I have it in Ultra Black and it creates a perfect Angelina Jolie cat-eye that lasts forever and never smudges.

Not only that, it really really looks like a Sharpie, so that's one less item that has to crap up your "liquids" baggie when traveling by plane. Just stick it in with your actual pen and no one will no the difference. Just don't go reporting me to the TSA, k?

(Side note: did you ever draw makeup on your dolls' faces as a kid, with colored markers? This feels oddly like that, except on your own face. Hee!)

(Oh, what, so you're saying you never did that? Lies!)