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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Greetings from Germany, friends.

I'm out of the country yet again and reporting on the best in "beauty on the road." You may recall that my last trip here, which included a stay in a Hilton hotel, was rather frustrating. Hilton, you see, has installed these lovely Wigo hairdryers in the rooms, but they weigh about a ton and are seriously lacking in the power department. What gives?

I thought that with the all the recent amenity upgrades at the major hotel chains, my days of toting around my own hairdryer were over. But alas, not. Even some Hiltons in the US still have crappy little wall-mounted Sunbeams.

So this time - since I knew I'd be staying at a Hilton again - I came prepared.

Meet the T3 Overnight.

This little guy comes equipped with the same ionic and far infrared properties of its big brothers, but at a fraction of the size. At an incredibly lightweight 12 ounces, you'll barely even notice it in your bag. It's dual voltage, which is a huge plus for international travelers. And I love that the handle swivels rather than folds - a sleek little touch that differentiates it from other travel dryers.

The T3 does an excellent job of controlling frizz and keeping hair smooth and shiny. I just wish it packed a little more power. At 1200 watts, it does the job well - it just takes a little longer than I'm used to at home (but, I think I've been so spoiled by my monstrously powerful Sedu Ultrasilent that my expectations are unreasonably high).

In any case, I'm armed and ready to arrive at that Hilton tomorrow on the next leg of my trip! And I know my hair will be looking 100% better than last time. Which always counts for day-long business meetings...uh...right?