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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Click Your Lips...Chanel Creme Gloss Lumiere

Chanel Creme Gloss Lumiere Brush-On Creme Lip ColourHot on the heels of the launch of the Collection Essentielle de Chanel palettes comes news of yet another brand new Chanel treat! From the company:

"CRÈME GLOSS LUMIÈRE Brush-On Creme Lip Colour combines the brush-on precision of a gloss with the colour, coverage, and comfortable finish of a cream lipstick. Its innovative gel-based formula allows for a soft-glide application and smooth, non-sticky texture, while macadamia nut oil helps to keep lips hydrated and smooth."

These look similar to Stila Lip Polish with the click-pen applicator and creamy texture, but the gel-based formula is definitely new. I love the consistency of gel-based lippies...they give lips this smooth, "cushiony" feel without the grainy texture sometimes found in glosses and other liquid lip colors.

Creme Gloss Lumiere will be available in six shades (all shown above). I love how they're all named after desserts!

  • Petit Four (soft nude)
  • Madeleine (rosy pink)
  • Crème Brulée (coral)
  • Pink Truffle (berry red)
  • Plum Soufflé (berry plum)
  • Crème Caramel (neutral brown)