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Monday, September 03, 2007

Guilty Pleasure Alert!

Oh man! I hate to admit it but I have been spending WAY too much time lately trying to solve an Old Hollywood blind item on the entertainment lawyer blog, Crazy Days and Nights. It concerns a gay male actor dubbed "Timmy" who had a brief, but illustrious, career as a FEMALE screen star, before reverting back to his male identity and living out the rest of his years as a stage actor.

This is driving me nuts! As of now my guess is Kay Kendall.

Here are the links to the original item and 2 subsequent updates:

The Life and Times of Timmy

Timmy Clarifications and Hints

Timmy Hint

Have you been following this blind item? It's all consuming! I can't get away from it! Definitely need to settle on an official guess before going back to work on Tuesday.

UPDATE: So Ent Lawyer is now saying it's officially NOT Kay Kendall. Sigh. I can't guess anymore. This is driving me nuts!