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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Runway Beauty: Backstage at Doo.Ri

Doo.Ri is one of my favorite shows every season and this time was no exception! The color palette of ivory, navy, aubergine and boysenberry was just gorgeous, and the hair and makeup were the perfect complement.

Shiseido's Dick Page created a "subdued, discreet" look that started with a very soft, layered eye. He used Shiseido Hydro Powder Eye Shadow (a Beauty Addict favorite) in Bare Pink, layered with a taupe powder shadow and a light application of black liner on upper and lower lids. The liner extended slightly beyond the outer corners, but without a big "wing." Black mascara was used on top lashes, favoring the outer corner.

Page then used the lightest two shades of Shiseido Multi-Shade Enhancer in Sunset Glow to highlight the undereye area, sweeping them lightly under the lower lids. It gave the girls a gorgeous "lit from within" glow. Love!

To accent lips (and the philtrum, my favorite beauty vocabulary word), Page applied a smidge of Hydro Powder Shadow in Whitelights (sheer, shimmery bright white) to the cupid's bow and blended outward across the top border of the lip. The same shadow was also used to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, adding to the subtle glow of the whole look.

Tip from the Pros: When highlighting the undereye area, choose a powder with the finest texture you can find, to prevent settling and creasing.

photos:, Beauty Addict