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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fix in a Box: Benefit Justine Case

I am such a sucker for these little kits from Benefit! I searched high and low for Realness of Concealness during the height of its popularity (though there was a frenzy over it then, though it is now readily available), and now I'm jonesing for this one too.

Justine Case supplies everything you need "just in case" of a beauty emergency. It houses mini sizes of Benetint (the venerable rosy stain for lips and cheeks), Eyecon (for fading undereye circles), and California Kissin' (sheer aqua-hued gloss that freshens breath and makes teeth look whiter when applied over lipstick).

Also in the cute mirrored box you'll find a mini pan of Some Kind-a Gorgeous cream to powder foundation. Now this is terrific if it's your shade...otherwise you're SOL. I also don't love that, unlike the 3 tubes, you can't use this without carrying around the whole box.

Still, I'd snap it up just for its supreme portability and the fact that you can carry around any or all of the mini tubes. Or, if you have Realness of Concealness, you can mix and match!