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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Superluxe Gift Alert: Gucci Westman/Goyard Makeup Case

OK, I'm officially swooning. This incredibly luxe holiday offering combines some of my very favorite people and things: Lancome, Gucci Westman, and Goyard.

This hand-crafted makeup case was created by Goyard exclusively for Lancome, in a special collaboration with longtime Beauty Addict favorite Gucci Westman.

This gorgeous train case is done in classic Goyard white signature print with tan trim, and sports multiple removable compartments, a mirror, and a matching white makeup bag in the signature print.

Not only that, the case is filled with 36 of Gucci's makeup essentials!!

Available at Bergdorf Goodman and by special order, this exquisite train case will retail for the not insignificant sum of $18,000. A true "dream gift" for the diehard beauty addict.

Now, TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY: I strongly encourage all of you to pool your money and buy this for me as a group gift this Christmas.

I promise I'll love you forever. I'll be your best friend. I shall never forsake thee. And I might even let you touch the train case or use some of the products. Maybe.