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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jumpstart Your Beauty Routine: Prescriptives Instant Gratification

Can it be possible that I've finally found my dream facial exfoliator? I feel like Goldilocks, friends. Some are too gentle. Some are too rough. Some only use a physical exfoliant like walnut shells, and others only employ a chemical peeling action (ie, beta hydroxy). I want both! And I want it to be strong enough to be effective, but without leaving me with a beet-red face.

Too much to ask? I thought so, until I discovered Prescriptives Instant Gratification Skin Renewal Peel. Seriously, I may never buy another scrub! Instant Gratification combines the best qualities of other scrubs into one superpowered formula, and totally kicks the competition to the curb.

Beta hydroxy acid is a chemical exfoliator that eats away at dead skin cells and rough patches. Natural exfoliants - bamboo extract and finely milled pumice - provide physical resurfacing. And a combination of magnesium sulfate, dimethicone and silica provides a warming sensation and helps to open the pores. How can you beat that?

I used this scrub as directed, applying it to my face and then leaving it on for 5 minutes, allowing the chemical component to do its job. Then I massaged it in for about a minute, effectively demolishing any remaining dead, dull skin.

When I rinsed my face I was amazed. My skin...felt like baby skin! All the dullness was gone, and my skin looked and felt smooth and perfect. The best part? No redness, tightness or irritation. I had been loyal to Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Buffing Beads in the past, but I think I'm ready to abandon those little blue beads for Instant Gratification. It's just that good.

This one's not as much of a bargain as yesterday's body scrub steal, but the $45 it'll set you back is 100% worth it.