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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beauty on the Road: Flight 001 Fill + Fly Bottle Set

Airline restrictions got you in a fix? It seems like every time I'm about to embark on a trip, I'm at the drugstore the morning of, in a frenzied search for travel bottles that'll hold the prescribed 3 ounces of my various potions. But I never really have any luck...the vessels are either too big, too small, poorly made, or just sold out.

A better solution: these sleek little travel bottles that I spotted in this month's Domino.

Flight 001's Fill + Fly Bottle Set houses 2 large and 2 small reusable, refillable, leak-proof, shatter-resistant vacuum bottles. The small ones are 2 oz., and the large are 3 oz. (both carry-on compliant).

These are pump bottles, so they're perfect for small quantities of face cleanser, self-tanner, moisturizer/serum, body lotion or shower gel. They'll even work for shampoo and conditioner, if you don't mind the reduced "flow" of a pump bottle (I am impatient and prefer large globs of shampoo...can't deal with multiple pumps).

The 4-bottle Fill + Fly set is normally $28, but Domino is offering 20% off, so you can snag the set for $22.40. Just go to and enter "domino" at checkout. Happy travels!