Elle February 2008: Jessica Alba - Beauty Addict

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Elle February 2008: Jessica Alba

Yesterday we looked at Lily Allen's Marie Claire cover, and now here's another cover girl who's a mom-to-be (and thankfully, this one's a non-smoker).

Here we have Jessica Alba on the cover of February's Elle.

I am not digging her hair in this photo. Instead of tousled and flowy, it looks choppy in the middle and stringy at the bottom. Jessica is gorgeous and usually has beautiful hair...this just isn't her best shot (although the girl does have an amazing smile and it shows in this photo!).

The last time I showed you a Gilles Bensimon cover for Elle (it was Scarlett Johansson), there was near-outrage over how bad she looked and how ugly the cover was in general.

What do you think of this one?