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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Forget Manicures...Get a Minicure!

I picked up the cutest little manicure kit recently and it's made me fall totally in love with Zoya products. Not only do the products deliver an amazing, shiny, long-lasting mani, the name makes it hard to resist! Minicure? So cute.

I rarely have time for a salon manicure, so fab at-home nail products are critical...and these definitely make the grade. The Minicure set houses adorable mini sizes of Armor (basecoat), Anchor (top coat), Hurry Up (oil and silicone speed-dry drops), and shimmery red Shiloh polish.

I don't really love red shimmer on my fingers (toes only), so I've been subbing out the Shiloh with the creamier OPI Kennebunk-port, but all the other goodies in this set are amazing. My last "minicure" lasted over a week with nary a chip in sight! What's more, the polish stayed incredibly shiny even without a reapplication of top coat.

And the Hurry Up drops? Total lifesaver. I pushed my arms through the sleeves of a wool coat only 5 minutes after application and my mani didn't smear AT ALL.

The Minicure Gift Set looks to be a holiday item, so I'm not sure how much longer it'll be around, but you can snap one up right here for only $15!