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Friday, January 18, 2008

Spring Collections: Lancome L.U.C.I.

It's with mixed emotions that I bring you Lancome's Spring 2008 collection, L.U.C.I (Luminescent. Colorless. Color. Intelligence.)

Why is this such a bittersweet moment? While the products are beautiful, L.U.C.I. is Gucci Westman's last collection for Lancome. It just makes me a little wistful...Gucci was one of my first interviews the first time I covered New York Fashion Week, and I always enjoyed seeing her at work every season. She has a real ability to connect with designers, which always resulted in a "look" that was a perfect match for the collection's aesthetic and the designer's inspirations.

Her Pout-a-Porter collection lipsticks (Behnaz, Proenza Pink, P.S. Kiss, and new Pixel Pink) were some of the most talked about and sought after beauty products in recent memory. And her collections for Lancome (most recently, Pop Cherub and Mystery Game) were inventive, with an artistic quality that made them must-haves. She will be missed - but I'm already looking forward to seeing what she does next.

Anyhow, let's take a look at her final collection, L.U.C.I. It's all about capturing light, playing with iridescence, and the effects you can create even without pigment. Everything is just beautiful and very, very Spring...light, fresh, ethereal. In my eyes, the star product is Ombres Glacee, a cooling, gel-based illuminator for eyes and face. I saw Gucci use this at Peter Som last season and immediately fell in love. It gives skin this gorgeous, opalescent moonlight effect, and feels light and fresh.

And I'm swooning over the new, iridescent shades of Color Fever Gloss (pick up Sunray as a perfect topper for any lipcolor), as well as that stunning eye compact. It's like a new age seashell. Love it! Here's the rundown on the full collection, available now on Lancome's site:

  • Traceur Design Illuminating Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Ray of Purple Light
  • Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow in Personal Style, Exhibition, and Off the Rack
  • Color Design Defining and Brightening Eye Pencil Duo in Sunlight Rose
  • L.U.C.I. Eyes Light Color In Motion Eye Shadow Duo in Ray of Apricot Light
  • Ombres Glacees Cooling Gel Illuminator Eyes and Face in Sunrise, Morning Pearl, and Chameleon
  • Color Fever Shine Sensual Sheer Lipcolor in Femme Fire
  • Vernis Magnetic Unfailing Nail Lacquer in Sundress and Sandy
  • Color Fever Gloss Photonic in Seashell, Sunray, and Rainbow
  • Color Fever Shine Photonic in Luminous and Desert Pink
  • Color Design Blush Sensational Effects Cream Blush in Freeze Frame, Model Mocha and Petticoat Pink
  • Star Bronzer Poudre Soleil Sunkissed Bronzing Powder in Bronze Lumiere
  • Photonic Illuminating Powder Brush Face in Ray of Apricot Light