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Friday, January 04, 2008

Spring Collections: NARS Shanghai Lily

Shanghai Lil never used the Pill
She claimed that it just ain't natural
She took me up on deck and bit my neck
Oh people I was glad I found her

I never thought I'd find myself introducing a NARS collection with an old Rod Stewart lyric, but that's life for ya. The Spring collection, Shanghai Lily, is now available on the NARS and Sephora websites, but something strange is afoot.

The collection is different on each site!

Above is the Shanghai Lily collection as depicted on the NARS website. Kinda subdued, eh? With the exception of that hot red Manhunt lipstick, that is. Plus, The Multiple in Orgasm and the Dolce Vita lip gloss have both been available at Sephora for months, so nothing new there. Overall I'm feeling underwhelmed, but anyhow, here are the shade details:

  • Duo Eye Shadow in Alhambra (metallic rose mist and golden champagne)
  • The Multiple in Orgasm (peachy pink)
  • Single Eye Shadow in Abyssinia (delicate pearl sheen)
  • Lipstick in Success (semi-matte burnt sienna)
  • Lipstick in Manhunt (sheer poppy red)
  • Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Belle du Jour (sheer beige)
  • Lip Gloss/Lip Stain in Stolen Kisses/Pampa (sparkling caramel pink and shimmery nutmeg)
  • Lip Gloss in Greek Holiday (sparkling pink sand)
  • Lip Gloss in Dolce Vita (sheer dusty rose)

Now compare these details with what's shown on Sephora's site: Habanera shadow in addition to Alhambra, Scarlet Empress lipstick in lieu of the 2 new shades, Revolt lip gloss in place of Dolce Vita, and the addition of Deep Throat blush. Take a look at the collection photo:

The addition of the deep grape lips and darker shadows really gives this collection the drama and mystery that we're used to seeing from NARS, don't you think? Without that Revolt lip gloss the look is just so...blah. Wonder why they're different on each of the sites?

Which look do you prefer? Post your thoughts in the comments!